SB UI Kit Pro Vue

A premium Vue.js UI Kit

SB UI Kit Pro Vue

A premium Vue.js UI Kit

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When you Purchase SB UI Kit Pro Vue

SB UI Kit Pro Vue is a premium, Bootstrap based UI Kit built by the team at Start Bootstrap. This theme is built using Vue.js, the progressive JavaScript framework!

  • Landing Pages & Page Examples – This Vue.js based UI toolkit includes all of the prebuilt landing page and page examples you need in order to save time on designing the UI of your next Vue based web application.
  • Custom Components – We include and extend the Bootstrap framework along with dozens of custom components you can only get by purchasing this theme.
  • Full Documentation - Our documentation covers the usage of the product. We cover topics from setup to customization, and all the way to deployment. We also include deep dives on certain topics to expand your knowledge, and to answer any questions you might have about using the kit.
  • Customer Support – When you purchase any of our pro products, if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in the documentation, you have access to our support email and we will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.
  • Deployment Ready - This project comes with a production ready Dockerfile and build scripts to help you deploy your project in record time!


Detailed docs to drive your development

Our comprehensive documentation covers everything you need to know about SB UI Kit Pro Vue. We include information about your workspace setup, creating new pages, development scripts, and deployment. We keep our docs up to date as we push new changes to the product, so you can keep current with your own project as SB UI Kit Vue is updated and improved.

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From the Product Developers

When you purchase a pro product from Start Bootstrap, you receive product support from the developers who created the product. Our support includes bug fixes and improvements to the base product. We don't sell third party products on Start Bootstrap, so there's never a question of quality from product to product.

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I've purchased a theme from you and I just want to thank you for really nice structured code, a really nice project setup, and most importantly introducing .pug templates to me. I've never worked with them before and I've discovered how they are a joy to work with!

I love the fact that your template doesn’t stray too far if at all from the bootstrap conventions and I find myself periodically referring to their docs with great success.

I've been coding websites for 12 years now, and I have never seen coding as neat, well commented and easy to follow as I see in your templates. It's just beautiful. I just wanted to write a short note saying that you're doing an amazing job.

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