About Us

We design and develop expertly coded, Bootstrap based UI tools to help designers and developers build beautiful and powerful web applications.

Rooted in Open Source

Founded in 2013, Start Bootstrap has been the most popular library of free, open source Bootstrap themes on the web for over seven years. At the very start, the mission was simply to create and share free, open source, and easy to download Bootstrap themes without sacrificing quality. To this day, we still prioritize our one-click downloads without having to enter any information, and we use the MIT license for our free products so you don't have to use our name in the footer of your website.

Up until 2020, Start Bootstrap only featured free products with development supported by minimal advertising and affiliate partnerships. In 2020 however, after numerous requests for the past seven years, we began creating premium, paid products that were much more comprehensive and fully tooled versions of some of our most popular freebies.

Moving forward, we will be focusing on maintaining the quality and design of our free, open source products along with our new, more powerful pro products. Thank you for visiting Start Bootstrap!

Meet the Devs

Start Bootstrap was founded by and maintained by David Miller in 2013. In 2020, Sam Artioli joined the company. The expertise he has brought to the table has now allowed us to develop more powerful products using new technologies, along with an expanded vision for the company.

David Miller

David is the founder of Start Bootstrap. Before creating Start Bootstrap, he was a web designer at the University of Central Florida as well as a freelance web designer working with local clients.

Since 2013, he has worked on maintaining Start Bootstrap, and thanks to the exposure gained from Start Bootstrap, he has been able to successfully work as a contract developer building out UI's for clients and organizations worldwide.

Sam Artioli

Sam is a Technologist, Technology Executive, and Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in technology. Sam has a solid career foundation, including 7 years at Apple (2000 - 2007) and 5 years with Disney (2011 - 2016), while taking a few years off in-between to travel the world and attempt his first startup.

Most recently, Sam lead the technology initiatives at Abe.ai, a white-label chatbot software for community banks and credit unions, which was successfully acquired by Envestnet in January 2019.

As of January 2020, Sam joined forces with David to help expand Start Bootstrap.

Apart from creating amazing software, Sam also enjoys spending time with his family, capoeira, piano, guitar, running and any form of surf/wake/snow/skate boarding.